nicoa dunne

coach, consultant, confidante

“Life by Design. I Love MINE.”

The Short Story ...
Nicoa QUIT her job in 2009 with a stay-at-home husband and three kids 12 and under in the middle of an economic down-turn...some called her crazy. She, however, never felt more calm, coherent and content...then there were the moments of terror! However, she knows she made the right decision. She is HAPPIER and more self-aware than she has ever been in her life and now knows you can be, too! And you probably don't have to quit your job! Unless of course you want to. Nicoa's had a very successful, fulfilling, and yes, HAPPY corporate human resources career for 16+ years with GE, Thermo Fisher, and Misys Healthcare/Allscripts living in seven different states across the US! It is life AFTER corporate that is now serving her so much more fully and is just more fun! She established her own professional coaching and consulting business (holland archer), helped create and lead the cradle-to-grave efforts of a coaching startup called Roving Coach International and continues growing her brand as Nicoa Dunne aligned to her purpose of helping leaders help themselves! She likes to say she is a retired corporate executive, who happens to coach...because it certainly feels that way! Nicoa is living proof you can create an entirely different #LifeByDesign by learning how to anchor your energy! She is a go-to professional for coaching and engages fully with everyone she partners with to help them help themselves create their lives by design! She is a confidante you can trust and a creator you can collaborate with in designing YOUR #LifeByDesign!

Nicoa's passion for executive coaching is infectious. Her partnering style is collaborative and includes a somatic, consciousness-based approach driven by an ontological, or “a way of being”, methodology. Her clients rave over their transformations and continue to practice the tools learned and enhance their lifestyles naturally as a result of their relationship with Nicoa.

She brings experience, mentoring, corporate insight and professional coaching to every interaction switching hats as necessary based on your goals and your needs. Nicoa is known as a values-based executive coach for many Fortune 500 companies and the US Government. She works only on referral and keeps her client base small to ensure a dedicated, personalized experience.

Her goal? To help people help themselves! Real transformation for real leaders learning to anchor their energy to live & lead by design.

#LifeByDesign #LeadByDesign

Nicoa provides executive and professional coaching in alignment with the International Coach Federation Professional Core Competencies and pledges accountability to the ICF Code of Ethics. She is also an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELIMP) as a preferred partner to the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). Nicoa served as the Membership chair of the Raleigh Area Chapter of ICF in the past, and is a Femfessionally endorsed business woman! Learn more at

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