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CONTACT US to set up a conversation all about your team's needs. Sometimes a third party viewpoint is all you need to more quickly assimilate, integrate and grow. Time to get to the root cause of what is driving your culture and address it for long term sustainability.

Subcontractor on a holland archer consulting project

“I appreciate the approach that Nicoa and her affiliates have taken. As a consultant myself, it is refreshing to partner with a team of credible, collaborative, talented people to truly help leadership in today’s environment. I only want to partner with people I trust and working with Nicoa was a no-brainer.”

CEO global non-profit

"Without Nicoa's partnership my role as the new leader would have taken me 10x longer to come up to speed and gain insights into the new culture and team members I was joining and leading. By having her conduct the 360 interviews prior to my start date it enabled me to walk in armed with what mattered most to this team and immediately bond with them to move forward towards new goals."

20 year HR Business Partner ABB, North America

"When I heard about the Energy Leadership workshop, I was not expecting to learn anything that I hadn't already learned in all of my HR years. But I must say, you definitely exceeded my expectations! This validates how I have been thinking and I am so glad that we invested our time in this today - not only for myself, but for this team."