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By pwsadmin | Mar 7, 2016

E-MOTION … what MOVES us… From the inside out, this is what drives our behavior! Everyone’s behavior! Listen, if it sucks, it sucks. If you are upset, you are upset. If something is exciting to you, let it be exciting to you. Stop avoiding your emotions for fear of what others think of you! Your […]

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By pwsadmin | Dec 2, 2015

#ExecutiveLivesMatter Did I get your attention? I hope so. DISCLAIMER: This isn’t a political rant or a debate about #BlackLivesMatter. I am a global executive coach. I was also a global executive human resources leader for many years. It is a lonely, often unappreciated, negatively perceived role. Let’s talk about that. A decade, or so, […]

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To Blend Or Not To Blend…is this YOUR question?

By pwsadmin | Aug 22, 2015

While recently working with a client we had a very interesting discussion about how, in his personal opinion, his workplace required him to “blend In” in order to truly be successful! I asked him what made him believe this to be true? He shared with me that everyone, men and women, pretty much wore the […]

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