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LIFE BY DESIGN: I Invite You To Suspend Disbelief

A year ago I was filled with momentum and decisiveness charged by a sense of #hope, #possibility and #purpose. And simultaneously grieving the greatest death of my lifetime …the death of a story and identity I had committed every waking moment to…that story, my marriage, my husband and 3 kids #americandream story was now over. It was time for a new #story. I realized that even in our deepest moments of grey cloudy overcast, intense struggle and mounds of disbelief that true transformation is possible.

As I sit here now in the fatigue and initial completion of my decision making, my new creation after 12 months I feel transformed. I am transformed. But into what? It feels, tastes and in many ways looks  like a space of peace, simplicity and hope. Yes. I’ll choose that…The urgency has waned completely and the striving replaced with thriving. Mmmmmm this #coffee tastes good. Wow this view is always stupendous. Ohhhhh my children are so #beautiful.

More, more, better, better thinking is replaced with savoring thoughts of the present. What changed in my thinking? How did I shift the perspective? Listening to my heart. Trusting myself. Acting on my intuition. The DOING helps but the identification of what the BEING will be is the key to true transformation. And what’s amazing is it is an ongoing experience and experiment! A glorious never ending story.

75% if my clients come to me when their world is grey and cloudy. Something is amiss and they can’t see the forest for the trees. The struggle is real. There is confusion and disbelief of lasting change…yet their hearts keep saying “there is a way.”

I invite you to suspend disbelief! I am living proof there is a way. Stay with me on the journey. Your journey is my journey and my journey is yours. Start now. Ask yourself what do you want? What is the one thing you know you must change to live your #lifebydesign?

All the feels y’all!

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March 12, 2018

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